Blue Moon

A young woman, who struggles to receive a higher education and escape her dysfunctional family. An ambiguous sexual experience with an artist will spur her intention to fight the family’s violence. Director: Alina GrigoreProducer: InLightYear: 2021 Our role: Sound Design, Complete Sound Post-Production IMDb Awards:2021 – San Sebastian Film Festival – Golden Shell for Best Film

După 40 de zile

Emil and Titi’s lifelong friendship is jeopardized when Smaranda, Emil’s wife, moves to Titi’s house, 40 days after her funeral. Director: Andrei GruzsniczkiProducer: AVVA MMIX Studio, Hai-Hui Entertainment, Tangaj ProductionYear: 2021 Our role: Sound Design, Complete Sound Post-Production IMDb


A long time married couple comes to decide within 24 hours, through encounters with strangers, that letting go might be their biggest proof of love. Director: Marius OlteanuProducer: Wearebasca, Parada filmYear: 2019 Our role: Sound Design, Complete Sound Post-Production IMDb Awards:2018 – Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest – Best Project- Work in progress2019 – Berlin – Audience Award2019 […]


When an accident leaves a young boy in a coma, his parent’s love is put to the test as they resort to a dangerous plan to save him. Director: Rami YasinProducer: Image Nation Abu DhabiYear: 2020 Our role: Sound Design, Sound Mixing IMDb


There comes a time when the stories told by your parents cannot put you to sleep anymore. Director: Cristi IftimeProducer: HI Film Production, deFilmYear: 2017 Our role: Sound Design, Sound Post-Production Supervision IMDb Awards:2017 – Karlovy Vary – Jury Award FEDEORA for best feature East of the West2017 – Anonimul – Anonimul 14 Trophy

The Fixer

A Romanian trainee journalist at a French news network faces a moral dilemma when he learns of a sex scandal. Director: Adrian SitaruProducer: 4Proof FilmYear: 2016 Our role: Sound Design, Sound Editing IMDb Awards:2015 – Sarajevo – The Post Republic Award2016 – Les Arcs European Film Festival – Special Jury Mention & Best Actor (Tudor Istodor)2017 – UCIN – […]


At the dinner table one night, a close-knit Romanian family is upset by a startling revelation. Director: Adrian SitaruProducer: Domestic Film, Damned Film, Film ProducjaYear: 2016 Our role: Sound Production, Sound Design, Complete Sound Post-Production IMDb Awards: 2016 – Berlin – Forum – C.I.C.A.E. Award2016 – L’Europe autour de l’Europe, Paris – Sauvage Award, Best […]

Three Interpretation Exercises

In three tales, friends gather for lunch and discuss life’s most-complex moral issues: “The Cat Is on the Chair,” “The Mouse Is Under the Table” and “The Monkey Is on the Branch.” Director: Cristi PuiuProducer: MandragoraYear: 2013 Our role: Sound Editing, Sound Mixing IMDb

Adalbert’s Dream

Adalbert’s Dream mines the Romanian communist past for a dryly funny tale of ordinary people just getting on with their lives. Director: Gabriel AchimProducer: Green Film, 4 Proof FilmYear: 2011 Our role: Sound Design, Sound Post-Production Supervising IMDb Awards:2012 – UCIN – “Opera Prima” Award (Gabriel Achim)2013 – Premiile Gopo – Debut Award (Gabriel Achim)

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