Close Encounters Of The Third Reich

August 1944. A Romanian medic wanders through the war-stricken scenery in search of his unit, but things take an unexpected turn when he befriends a wounded German officer.

Director: Victor Dragomir
Producer: UNATC Film
Year: 2009

Our role: Sound Design, Complete Sound Post-Production


2010 – Europe-Africa-Middle East Region Winner of the Kodak Film School Competition
2009 – Kodak Award for Best Cinematography of a Romanian Film @ “CineMAiubit” ISSFF
2009 – Best Poster of a Film in Competition @ “CineMAiubit” ISSFF
2010 – Best Cinematography @ “Hyperion” ISSFF
2010 – Best Fiction Film @ Calarasi “7 ARTS” NSFF

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