A Rifle and a Bag

Somi is pregnant with her second child. A girl, she hopes. Together with her husband she prepares for this new phase of their parenthood. It means that their son has to go to school, but as an ex-Naxalite that is tough to achieve in contemporary India, where people like them are third-rate citizens. They lack the certificates and an opaque bureaucratic process doesn’t help.

Director: Arya Rothe, Isabella Rinaldi, Cristina Haneș
Producer: NoCut Film Collective
Year: 2020

Our role: Sound Design, Complete Sound Post-Production


2020 – World Premiere International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), Bright Future Competition | Netherlands 2020 | Special Mention of the Jury
2020 – International Film Festival Innsbruck | Austria 2020 | Special Mention
2021 – MiradasDoc | Tenerife, Spain 2021 | Special Mention

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